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Imagine DISCONNECTING from the craziness of every day life to RECONNECT with yourself.

Imagine having TOOLS for transformation you can take away, and utilize ANY TIME to bring you back to a sense of connection when life feels overwhelming.

Imagine trusting yourself so much, that you can brush doubt aside when it arises.
Imagine how freeing it must feel to be empowered to use your voice, instead of shrinking back!
What would it feel like to honor the sensations that arise in your body, and express them in healthy ways?

The Sacred Connection Retreat is a sacred sisterhood circle. An invitation to embark on a journey where your voice is heard, your stories are honored, and your power is felt.

Experience the power in presence.


When you feel connected...

  • You experience life with ease, rather than resistance.
  • You honor your truth, by honoring the sensations in your body.

  • You embody the magic of life, and live with synchronicity.


This retreat provides you with an opportunity to explore the ways that are most effective for YOU to access your inner wisdom and voice.

You'll be given tools to call on the wild woman inside who expresses her truth,
rather than represses it.
Truth isn't always easy, comfortable, or convenient, but it's always a relief.
Truth ALWAYS bring you back to wholeness.


  • Movement practices to get you out of your head, and into your heart.

  • Rituals for everyday magic

  • Sacred ceremonies

  • Rest and reflection

  • The opportunity to connect with a conscious community of like-minded women.

  • Fresh, whole foods to nourish the body.

  • A group excursion to awaken your adventurous, free spirit!

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My Story

New Mexico Angel (1)

I grew up in an abusive, alcoholic environment, where you quickly learn to quiet your voice, not rock the boat, and walk on egg shells.

As I grew up, these patterns of abuse, a stifled voice, insecurities, anxiety, and depression plagued me, well into my 30's. 

It was when I started sharing my stories, and confiding in someone in a safe environment, that my voice was finally heard! 

I then sought refuge through movement classes and sisterhood circles, that provided me the gift of presence in my body, where there had always been a disconnect. 

Once my voice was heard, and I honored the truth bubbling up within me, there was no stopping me! 

I now continue to share my experiences, the wisdom I gained, and the lessons I've learned throughout those years.

My mission at the Empowered Voice Retreat is for you to know it's SAFE to use your voice. 

That you are a beautiful, magical, unique, WHOLE being, who has every right to trust the truth in your body, and follow YOUR true north.

There is only one YOU in the universe. Use your empowered voice, not only at this retreat, but far beyond!

Your Tuition & Accommodation Fee Includes:
  • Daily Movement Classes & Rituals
  • Conscious Community Building Exercises
  • 3 nights accommodations
  • 3 nutritious meals per day
  • Sacred Ceremonies
  • A private FB group for retreat participants to connect
  • A group excursion
NOT Included in the tuition price:
  • Travel costs to retreat location.
  • Ground transportation to the Retreat House (renting a car is recommended, however you can go in on a rental with another retreat participant.)
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Invest in YOU! Give yourself the gift of clarity, truth and purpose!

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