Gathering of the Sacred Rebels

Lake Tahoe, CA

September 19th-22nd, 2019

Sacred rebels question the way things are, and have to be. They follow their dreams and heartfelt visions. They believe life should be nourishing, instead of a constant struggle and drain.
Sacred rebels are the brave souls, daring to be unique and celebrating what makes them different. They choose to walk the path less traveled, and honor the endless possibilities within these differences.
It's about allowing your heart to rebel against that which would dull it down. You instead, give it permission to shine, and rise in TRUTH.
Sacred rebels want a life that's authentic and sacred. And living a sacred life means more than just existing, and surviving.

How do you know if this adventure is for you?

✨ You're ready for raw, deep conversations on a frequency you're vibrating at, that you aren't currently getting anywhere else.

✨ You're ready to connect with other soulful women that have also been on their paths for a while, and are craving authentic, next-level soul connections and sisterhood.

✨ You'd like a retreat experience that actually transforms and uplevels your life, that isn't just yoga and meditation, or someone talking AT you.

✨ You're ready to experience how life can flow with ease, instead of forcing anything to be.

✨ You desperately need to be awakened even more to the magic, mystery and endless synchronicities of life.

✨ You're ready to ignite inspiration, and remember that creation comes from living life in YOUR truth.

✨ You crave a deeper connection with Mama Nature, and earth medicines.

✨ And you're definitely ready to let loose and unleash your wise, wild and free spirit!!


A creative awakening may take place when you're willing to break free from rules, with love and wisdom. Creativity is what happens when you don't follow the rules, but instead follow what makes YOU come alive.
The Gathering of Sacred Rebels will help you gain the confidence to go deeper within yourself, your unique creative process, and come to a deeper understanding of your own inner wisdom.
With confidence and trust in yourself, you can choose to be the most creative, unique, authentic expression of yourself, and all you're becoming.

Let's release conditioning and build confidence, TOGETHER!


💥 Kayaking to a magical island.
💥 Hiking through the mountains.
💥 Dancing in the dark.
💥 Sitting in sacred sisterhood circles.
💥 Exploring rituals & ceremonies for your soul.
💥 Feeling seen, heard, and honored.

What's Included:

  • 4 days & 3 nights in a private home on Lake Tahoe
  • Fresh, organic, vegetarian home-cooked cuisine
  • Kayaking to Fannette Island
  • Hiking & Exploration
  • Dance, Movement, Meditation, Sisterhood Circles, Sacred Ceremonies & Rituals
  • (1) post-retreat support call

What's NOT included:

  • Airfare to Lake Tahoe
  • Transportation costs to the retreat home
  • Any meals outside of the retreat home


You might be ready to start living life by your heart's design NOW, or you've already been marching to the beat of your own drum. OR you might be somewhere in between!
Wherever you're at on your journey, join us for the Gathering Sacred Rebels. We offer guidance and support, from others on this unique path.


(Please fill out the online application)

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We offer easy investment options!

Personal Investment: $1888

To help you decide with ease, you may pay in full, OR divide the total investment into small installments.
Please apply to the Gathering of Sacred Rebels so we can discuss retreat details, and the best payment options for your unique situation. If you know you are meant to be at this gathering, let's find a way to make it happen! Contact me for more information.
We definitely need YOUR unique medicine on this journey!
Note: there are only 5 out of 6 spots available, and this adventure is first-come, first-serve.


Hi, I'm Kelsey, the Spiritual Travel Agent! I'm a fiery, redheaded Spiritual Guide, Intuitive, Women’s Inspired Life Coach, Retreat Goddess, Solo Traveler, and a myriad of other hats I like to wear, depending on the day. I've been on my spiritual path for 25 years now, and my passion is to guide you along the adventure of awakening, as we awaken to our adventurous, free spirits! 

I help empower women to embark on the journey their soul has been calling them to take, so they can step FULLY into an inspired life, become unstoppable, and create the CLARITY they need to live out their biggest, boldest dreams!

The way I share my Soul Work is through 1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching & Mentorship Programs, Movement Classes, Workshops, Energy Healing, and Facilitating Transformational Retreats around the world.


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