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IGNITE is for a handful of people, who want to master manifestation techniques & strengthen their spiritual gifts. During the course of 4 weeks, I walk you through processes that will create lasting paradigm shifts, and activations on a cellular level.

If you’re someone who:

  • Is ALL IN, and 100% committed to your personal growth and spiritual expansion.

  • Has already been doing the inner work, and craving to go deeper with your spiritual practice.

  • Would benefit from having a sisterhood circle of women traveling along the road with you.

Then this is for you!








What to Expect

>> How to harmonize your heart, and mind to access deep levels of intuition & raise your vibration.
>> Proven tools & practices that will expand your consciousness and allow you to fully EMBODY, and ground into your new way of being.
>> The Quantum way to manifest your dreams, AND heal at a cellular level.
>> The truth behind “reality”, and how to shift into a new timeline at will.
>> Ancient practices to expand consciousness, heal yourself, and connect to the ONEness of the Universe.
>> Strengthen your spiritual gifts.
>> Unlock the codes to abundance through ENERGY + shifting at the subconscious level.
And SO much more MAGIC!
These things will create a MAJOR shift in your energy, mindset, and life— and ultimately attract more abundance, success, and confidence.

"Kelsey is an amazing space holder. Her leadership allows you to show up fully, authentically, you!" 

- Ericka Ellis, Life Coach

Over the next 4 weeks, you'll experience a major life shift, and levels of joy. You have more clarity, & confidence than ever before, you bust through any old paradigms, and beliefs, that aren't aligned with your highest potential.  


You manifest easier, and stress less about the "how".  You are more connected than ever, to your intuition and purpose, and are in a state of FLOW.


"We dance with purpose and abandon.

We dance like our ancestors around a fire.

We dance with joy and enthusiasm

We dance without reservation.

We dance because we can no longer not dance."

Private Qoya Events

Qoya can also be offered in a more intimate, customized setting.

Interested in bringing Qoya to your private event or collaborating on a project? Here are some examples of the ways we can co-create together and I’m always open to new, exciting ideas!

Private Group Classes






"Being a part of Kelsey's Case Study has been truly transformational! Before I worked with her, I was always yearning for something more. To be something more.  To do something more. I've spent so much of my life holding back my authentic self. Dimming my light to fit in.  Fear of failure and fear of being judged held me back. The feeling that I'm not good enough was always present. I had a lack of confidence that left me overwhelmed.  I knew I needed help but didn't know how to start. I knew in my heart that I was a bright light, with gifts to share with the world. I had seen glimpses of it throughout my life but I wasn't living that way on a daily basis and I wanted to change. 

That's when the Universe brought me Kelsey, and I'm so thankful that it did!  She saw the light in me and knew I was ready to take a leap into my next level.  Kelsey taught me the tools I needed to expand my awareness, release old patterns, manifest abundance, and shine my light.  I have new daily rituals that I love, and that keep me in touch with my myself and my soul. They keep me on the path of where I want to go.  I feel lit up from the inside, and full of joy and eagerness for what's to come next!

I have never felt more like my true, authentic self and in the flow with the Universe!  I have been manifesting unexpected money, my intuitive "nudges" are becoming more frequent and I am following them with complete trust.  I am more clear every day about the direction I want to take my life. I am growing my light one step at a time. 

Kelsey taught me that where I am is perfect and exactly where I need to be.  She gave me the tools to use to build a strong foundation and has helped me shift my mindset to one of more abundance, clarity, confidence, motivation and excitement. 

If you are thinking about working with Kelsey as your coach, you should absolutely do it!  She shares herself and her life experiences with you and you know that she practices and lives what she teaches.  Kelsey is so present and encouraging and you will have a true connection with her. She truly cares about you and is committed to your success.  I highly recommend working with her. Kelsey will be your biggest fan - and now I am hers!"

- Lori DeQuaker

"I was lost on my path desperately, looking for a mentor to show me my self worth. I needed guidance on how to stop my restlessness and to turn inside of myself for the answers I sought. I needed someone to tell me I was good enough and special enough for the life my soul wanted. And that's when I found Kelsey! 

My biggest breakthrough, during her 4-week coaching program, was accepting that I was good, special enough, and most definitely WORTHY. In realizing and accepting all of that I was able to see my soul's purpose and mission while here.

I would tell anyone participating in this program... Do your work. Dig deep...deeper than you think you can.

Trust that you are WORTHY of EVERYTHING you want.

You will see growth in yourself at the end of this program, even if others think it's small. Your growth is huge to your soul."

- Jenifer S

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