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Hey, wild child!

I know you have this energy swirling around inside of you.

You want to create MAGIC. You want to create FREEDOM.

You want to create ABUNDANCE from doing what you love!

To live a life where YOU make the rules.

A life where you feel lit up AF!

Where things flow to you effortlessly because your energy is so magnetic!

You know you didn’t come here to live a mediocre life.

But you’re holding back.

You’re not sure if it’s safe to step out so boldly.

You dip your toe in, and then back out because you aren’t quite confident enough in your abilities...YET.

You still have old stories running in the background that are disconnecting you from Spirit.

From remembering that there is infinite energy at your disposal, when you’re open to receiving.

You think you have to have it all figured out, and because you don’t, you don’t take action.

You ARE ready to release control, but it feels like a free fall.

And you aren’t sure who’s going to be there when you land.

What if I told you there is no landing?

You can free fall, spread your wings and FLY!

You can harness that wild energy into a source of all CREATION.

It’s okay to be afraid. But you don’t have to be paralyzed!  



Joy is your birthright! It's not an emotion. It's the core of your truest essence, always present, and radiating from every cell of your being. Imagine how that must feel?


You were born wild, until the world tamed your spirit. By returning to your wild nature, you tap into an inner well of creation. You learn to live by YOUR own rules. 


You know you are a Free Spirit! You can feel it in your bones. You long for adventures, new experiences, and travel. You desire freedom in ALL ways, and it CAN be yours.

What's Included:

  • 9 months of LIVE group coaching via Zoom - 2 deep dive calls per month

  • (2) 1:1 guidance calls per month with Kelsey

  • Unlimited email support M-F, throughout the 9 months

  • (2) Destination Retreats - October 2019 & February 2020

  • Exclusive Facebook Group for Collective Collaboration

  • EFT & Hypnosis recorded sessions for reprogramming the subconscious mind

  • Monthly Personalized Movement Practice

  • Rituals & Sacred Ceremonies

This is right for you if...

You're ready to release anything that's not for your highest good.

You're craving Sisterhood, and are ready to RISE, together.

You're willing to shift your mindset from DOING to BEING.

You've been doing the spiritual work, and self-development, and are ready to have an EMBODIED experience.


"There is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky, and you ask...what if I fall? Oh but darling, what if you fly?"

On 7/7, my birthday, I’m birthing a powerful, intimate container for 7 women who are ready to embark upon a 9-month journey their Soul has been calling them to take.

A container of creation, to step more fully into an inspired life and live out your biggest, boldest dreams.

A place to explore what you’re feeling called to create.

A safe space to release the subconscious programming holding you back.

A sacred sisterhood of soulful women, ready to shed all the layers of crap that’s not for their highest good, and RISE, together.

If you’re reading this and your Soul is crying out “YES,” I invite you to message me and we can set up a 20-minute call to chat about what this EPIC journey entails, and determine whether the Creative Consciousness Collective is the right fit for YOU.

The CCC embodies Sisterhood, Pilgrimage (there will be 2 destination retreats included!), Ritual, Movement, Subconscious Reprogramming, Sacred Ceremony, and so much more MAGIC.

Don’t just talk about living Wild and Free...EMBODY it!!

“I love taking Kelsey’s Qoya classes! She creates a beautiful, healing and safe space every time. Each teacher has their own unique medicine, and there is always something to be healed during that class. She is able to remind us all of our Wise, Wild and Free self!”

- Lyndsey Jones, contributing Author in Autobiographies of Our Orgasms, 3: A Collection of Your Stories (Volume 3)

“Kelsey is an amazing space holder. Her leadership allows you to show up fully, authentically, you!”

- Ericka Ellis, Life Coach

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