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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." ~ Lao Tzu

Transformational Travel Coaching (2)
The Spiritual Travel Agent offers pre- and post-trip coaching for women like you, who want to use their outer journeys as a catalyst for awakening, and transformation.
  1. Before you embark on your journey, we'll work together to help prepare you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically for your trip.
  2. During your adventure, we'll check in with each other, for impromptu support and to share your successes.
  3. After your trip, I'm here to help you process and learn from your incredible experiences. I'm also here to help you integrate what you've learned into your day-to-day life, and support you in creating an action plan for continuing to transform yourself & your life going forward.
The coaching process goes like this - You travel the world, and
I help make it a less stressful, more soulful experience. 
You’re in the right place if...
  • Your wild, free spirit is yearning to be set free.
  • You want to travel with intention and mindfulness, while maintaining an open heart and mind.
  • You understand the importance of taking time for personal reflection, and creating meaningful moments.
  • You'd like to travel with more confidence.
  • You're currently on the journey of spiritual awakening.
  • You wish to deepen your connection to Mother Earth, Spirit, others, the world around you, and yourself.
  • You could use some guidance on how to navigate the inner AND outer journey through life.
  • You're tired of the "comedown" you experience after traveling.
  • You love traveling, but not the anxiety it causes.

Go from wanderluster to wanderess.

How it Works:



Pre-Depature Coaching


Embark on your awakening adventure!


Post-Adventure Coaching

Before you embark on your awakening adventure, we'll connect via a coaching call. We'll go in depth into what has called you to go on this particular journey at this time, and what you hope to get out of it. We discuss strategies for creating the feeling you'd like to have during your time away.

As you're out exploring the world, you'll have unlimited access to communication with me, for support, motivation, and guidance. You'll also be provided with powerful journal prompts, activities, and questions for self-reflection, to maximize your growth and soul learning. 

When you return from your epic journey, we'll have (2) more coaching sessions, to help you process and learn from your time on the road. You'll have the opportunity to share your stories, and any lessons learned along the way. And we'll create a plan for integrating back into life at home, as well as come up with strategic ways to apply everything from your trip into creating a more purpose-filled experience of life!

Why is this service so important and needed?

I remember when I was traveling to have a specific experience, and would return home after an amazing breakthrough, only to sink into a deep depression, or feeling really alone on my journey. I found comfort in online communities, but it never really provided the personalized experience I was looking for. I travel with intention, a travel altar space, a journal, and a commitment to getting everything I can out of a trip. I want to make each journey an awakening adventure. And I want to help YOU along your journey, so that you can feel more fulfilled, at ease, and in love with life. I want YOU to feel supported when you return home, and have tools to be able to integrate your magical experiences into your day-to-day life. Together, let's create a life-changing experience of awakening!


Your Travel Coaching Package Includes:

  • Detailed Questionnaire Review
  • (1) 60-minute Pre-Trip Coaching Call
  • Trip Recommendations, Resources, & Ideas
  • Support during your awakening adventure, via WhatsApp, email, and social media.
  • (2) 60-Minute Post-Trip Coaching Calls

Personal Investment: $777
Interested in going on an awakening adventure, through transformational travel coaching?
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