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Awakening Adventures & Trnansformational Travel

Transformational travel is any travel experiences that creates lasting, meaningful changes in a person, and their lives. We can transform our inner world, by traveling through our outer world. We awaken to adventure, while going on the adventure of spiritual awakening.


Travel has always been a passion of mine, since my first 2-month journey to Alaska, when I was just 15 years old. My insatiable wanderlust was ignited, and I've spent my life traveling the globe since.


One thing that's remained consistent in my life, is traveling with intention, openness, and alignment. Each journey is of spiritual significance. I allow travel to be my teacher. It's filled to the brim with the possibility of transformation, every time. You have to trust, and surrender, standing in your own power, allowing your intuition to guide you.


If you want an experience you've never had before, you must be willing to do the things you've never done before. Each day we wake up, and do the things that reinforce our identities, the stories we have about who we think we are. By getting out of our familiar, every day lives, we're able to wake up in unfamiliar settings, and reinvent ourselves.


By disconnecting from who we think we are, we reconnect back to our true essence. Any adventure is as much about the inner experience as it is about the outer one. It takes courage to explore the unknown, outside and inside. Pushing ourselves past our comfort zones, opens our hearts and minds, to new ideas and possibilities.


When you travel intentionally, it nurtures vulnerable, honest, and powerful conversations. It allows us to see everything and everyone through new eyes, and with fresh perspectives. These new conscious perspectives, empower us to take aligned, purposeful action, as we create the lives we are meant to live. And this inspired action allows us to realize our individual, and collective potential.


Only YOU have the power to transform your life. But TOGETHER, we can raise the consciousness of the planet, and change the world!



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