adventures of awakening
Is there really a way to alchemize pain into personal empowerment?
"Kelsey embarked on her adventures of awakening during childhood. She experienced her share of abuse and trauma throughout her life that many don’t recover from. Unknowingly she was creating a magical roadmap by following her inner compass all along. Can she trust this compass to serve as her guide to living a life of more joy, freedom and authenticity than she ever imagined?"
Welcome to the Adventures of Awakening Series. I’m here to stir the pot with my autobiographical, unconventional musings about spiritual awakening and transformational travel. I like to bring a raw, unfiltered authenticity to my writings, accompanied by witty humor with a punch.
My debut book, Alchemizing Pain Into Personal Empowerment, is described best as "Eat, Pray, Love" meets "You Are a Badass".
Adventures of Awakening Book 1
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