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October 11, 2019

Oh wait, I’m spiritual, so I forgot I’m not supposed to “need” therapy, right?

Do you know how many times I’ve been told that over the past 3 years?! The stigma around talk therapy in the “spiritual” community is rampant, I hate to tell you.

I’ve been told if I just meditate more, I wouldn’t need therapy.

I’ve been told by fellow Qoya teachers that I “shouldn’t” need therapy because that’s what Qoya classes are for.

I’ve been told that 3 years is way too long to keep rehashing the same stories. Oh I’m sorry, are you a fly on the wall in my sessions? 

You guys, this is ridiculous!

I was in a rough place 3 years ago and I stated to the Universe the kind of person I needed to help get me out of the hole I’d sunken into. And that person arrived in my life a few days later in the form of a psychotherapist. It was love at first meeting.

When I first started going, I was seeing her 3 days a week!! That’s how rough of a time I was having. Then we got it down to 2 days, then 1 day and now it’s every other week.

I process through speaking. Any of my friends know that I like to talk…like A LOT. Lol. Thank you to all my friends who listen to me as well. 

It’s through speaking that I uncover truths, that I discover more of who I am and what’s holding me back.

It’s how I unpack my past so I can move forward. It’s how my stories are witnessed so I can release and respect them.

And do you know the power in having someone that knows you more intimately than anyone else in the world and also believes in you more than anyone in the world, BECAUSE they know your past, how far you’ve come and just how powerful and capable you are?


Now granted, my therapist has studied shamanism, got into crystals after she met me of course and now has them in her office and she’s the greatest spiritual mentor of my life. She’s not your typical therapist and I recognize that and how fortunate I am our paths crossed.

But the shaming around therapy needs to stop! I use ALL my practices for processing life in general.

Writing, talking, dancing, Qoya, travel…the list goes on and on. And not one is better than the other! It’s a holistic approach. Life isn’t black and white and neither is therapy.

Here’s a bracelet my therapist gave me for our anniversary!

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