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October 11, 2019

Like seriously, my Facebook newsfeed is a thousand people saying the EXACT same thing and spouting authenticity. 

And is everyone and their mom a business coach now or what?! What kills me is that hardly any of these people have ever even run a business, until a few months ago and now they’re going to tell you the BEST way to run yours.

You wanna know where I learned the most about business? By running an actual brick and mortar business, in the fucking trenches.

Now this isn’t a blanket statement as there are some legit coaches and we all start somewhere, right?

But if you’re a business coach and all you’re telling people to do is master manifestation and envision their future selves and they’ll become an overnight success, please just stop.

Either take some business classes or come up with an actual strategy for people that creates actual results.

And I’ll be honest. I spent a good portion of this year buying into A LOT of it too, while I’ve floundered my through my own business.

And it’s seriously been the best year of my life in SO many ways (because I strengthened my inner world), while also being a complete roller coaster.
You guys have watched me change my message, change my podcast, change groups…all the things! And a big part of that’s because I’m constantly learning and expanding and just plain figuring it all out.

But for a while I bought into the mystical idea that life and business is simple, when I’ve known the truth all along.

Life is NOT fucking simple. It’s complicated, tragic and messy! Being human just plain sucks at times.

I’ve known that since I was little. It’s why I spent months in the hospital after a suicide attempt. It’s why I lived in seclusion on the side of a mountain in northern Canada for 8 years with no tv, internet or phones. (Well this was before the age of cell phones )

It’s why everyone in the world is LOST!! And this rhetoric bypassing that fact isn’t helping, it’s actually doing MORE harm.

So here’s what I think. What if we could simply know that Messy=Magic?

That instead of trying to create perfect images of ourselves and our lives, we fully admit that NOBODY has all their shit together. And that’s the beauty!

It’s IN the messiness we have our greatest learnings and ascended experiences and can tap into our truth, so that we can get through this humanness.

There’s a place for affirmations, manifestation talk and positive thinking, but if you want change that actually lasts, you better believe you’ve gotta get deep down in your shit and get real fucking radically honest with yourself about who you are as a person and do your damn shadow work.

Healing and transformation isn’t pretty.

There’s no light without the dark!! ✨

Otherwise nothing is going to “work” for you. You can be as high vibe and spout fake positivity all day long, but trust me, I can spot what’s going on under the hood a mile away.

I’m a happy, positive, radiant being of a girl because I’ve fought hard to get there. And I won’t leave behind that part of the story.

So if you’re under 30 and haven’t been through some shit yet, you’re not doing something right. Do us all a favor and blast your transformational message AFTER you’ve had some life experience. 

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