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July 21, 2019

There’s a part of manifestation that doesn’t really get acknowledged, and that’s proper nutrition. 



You’re probably wondering what nutrition has to do with manifestation, but your physical wellness is actually the foundation of energetic alignment. 



If you’re eating highly processed foods, high amounts of sugar, caffeine, and eating out most of the time, then your body is vibrating at a lower frequency, due to the lower vibrational foods.



These lower vibe foods can cause fatigue, irritability, anxiety, and even depression. 



They can make you feel more foggy, and less able to make rational decisions, or any decisions at all for that matter! 




Making the shift to ingesting less toxic crap, to happier, nourishing, whole foods, can massively increase the amount of magic in your life. 



Without all the neurotoxic chemicals, you can actually think more clearly! And the phytonutrients, or colors of fruits and veggies, can even assist in balancing your chakras and reducing inflammation.



And it’s not just about the foods you’re putting in your mouth. It’s your overall health.



Despite spending 4 years as a Digestive Coach, and Colon Hydrotherapist, I’ve still spent years battling a hidden auto-immune disease, that I keep under wraps. It’s gotten significantly better since I actually quit my day job and reduced my stress levels, but it’s still something I’m having to address. 



I’ve had to get radically honest with myself, and notice an unhealthy pattern. I’m so passionate about what I do, my “job,” and the way I serve people, that I will kinda just forget to eat, even being at home all day. 



And when that happens, my blood sugar plummets, and I’m suddenly exhausted. Then in that state of fatigue, my mind starts to spin about what I’m not doing “right” in my business, and life.



And when we get into a state of worry, we aren’t in the vibration of aligning with what we DO want, and therefore, not manifesting as powerfully as we can be. 




A lot of manifestation coaches out there will tell you that you’re just not focusing enough on the positive, but if you’re not physically vibrating in a high state, it’s going to be hard to mentally and spiritually get there as well. 



For me, most of this can be avoided by simply being kind to my body, and remembering to eat at regular intervals throughout the day, and make sure I’m getting proper nourishment. 



Our bodies are these amazing indicators of telling us when something is wrong. We use our intuition, or “gut instinct,” as a sign of what’s in alignment for us and what’s not. Well it’s really hard to “trust your gut,” if you’re gut is out of whack, or your body is needing some attention. 



Women’s hormones are a big part of this a well. If your hormones are off, or your adrenals are “shot,” then you better believe your emotional well-being is off as well. And again, you can’t be clear headed in that state. 



If you’re feeling like your emotions are all over the place, your energy levels are spiking and dropping rapidly, or you just feel “off,” I highly recommend seeking out the support of someone who’s able to help you get your nutrition and health back in alignment. 



I have some awesome recommendations if you need one!




The right kind of food provides key nutrients for energy production, and the fuel our bodies need to heal, on all levels. 



When we’re eating food from the earth, we’re naturally going to feel more connected to the earth, and a connection to Source. With the proper nutrition, we’re able to vibrate at a higher frequency because our cells are running optimally. 



And when we’re high vibe, we’re at the frequency to call in our desires and the manifestations begin to come in at increased speeds! 



Remember, nutrition and our physical health lay the foundation for our spiritual breakthroughs! 



We must align ourselves mentally, physically, AND spiritually, to be able to release all that’s not serving us, so that we can BE in service to others, in the highest way possible! 


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