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July 19, 2019

I used to be a shopping addict. Like an ADDICT. 



I’d spend money I didn’t have to constantly be buying more, more, more. 



And it was never enough! Ever. 



The high of the things I bought would wear off pretty quickly, and then I’d be left with the guilt and shame that came with knowing I never should’ve bought those things in the first place. 



I’ve never been one to need a lot of “stuff,” but clothes was a whole other story. 



And when I started buying “quality” clothes, I defended my stance even more because they were from REI, and made of organic materials, or some bullshit I told myself to feel better. 



But the fact remained I never stop consuming. I spent my days online shopping, even if I didn’t buy anything. And being a traveler almost made this even worse! It was crazy making! 



There was always something I “needed” or didn’t have, that I convinced myself I couldn’t possibly travel without. 



Now don’t get me wrong, some of the things I’ve bought were definitely needed, and I pretty much ONLY buy my clothes from REI or those types of brands, because they DO last. However, there were more times I was buying because I got a “good deal,” or there was an impressive sale. 



Who can relate to that?



Of course we all can! We live in a world of over consumerism. We are fed ads, commercials, emails, specials, deals…all day long. 



Unless you stop engaging. And that’s exactly what I had to do. 



I literally stopped looking at the emails with the “last chance” subject line. I stopped looking in my closet and saying “I have nothing to wear.” I stopped going to the stores, and got outside instead. 



Because the truth is I have more than enough to wear! And I don’t need a different outfit for every day of the month. It especially helps that these past couple years, I DID buy quality over quantity, so these things still look great, and I recommend that to anyone. Especially coming from someone who’d buy everything on the Target clearance rack, only to have to buy more a few months later. 



Looking back, I was just always filling a void. Buying clothes or things, made me feel as though my value increased my having “more.” It was a way to “get out of the house.” 



I’d get a rush, or high, from new purchases. But that instant gratification only lasts so long. 



We all are familiar with “retail therapy,” and how much we’ve adopted this as being okay. Now I’d rather pay to go see my actual therapist and address what’s going on, versus avoidance through shopping. 



All these “things” we buy are drugs. And when the high wears off, we’ll be back at it, needing more. 



If you need to buy something, buy a plane ticket! Go on an adventure. Do something that’s going to leave lasting memories, and affect your body, mind, and spirit! 



There’s the phrase “experiences over things,” and I really do believe we are heading more in that direction. People are traveling now more than ever. You rarely hear of someone regretting going on vacation, or on a trip, and they more often come back a happier version of themselves.



So the next time you have that urgency to go shopping, and believe me, it’s an urgency, a desperation, a need…I invite you to do one of 3 things:



1. Drop inside and look at what you’re avoiding or what void you’re attempting to fill.

2. Get outside in nature. Go for a walk, or meet up with a friend. 

3. Start planning a vacation instead! Then you’ll always have something to look forward to! 



I’d love to hear if this post resonates with you! Do YOU have a shopping addiction? It’s okay, no judgement here. I was the Queen Bee!! It’s ALL about awareness, and knowing ourselves on deeper and deeper levels.



The more we are grateful for what we have RIGHT NOW, the more we are aligning with the energy of the manifestations our souls truly want.

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