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July 9, 2019

I’ve gone on many retreats throughout my life, in search of downtime, healing, growth, and adventure. And I even spent 8 years of my life living AT retreat centers in a couple different countries.


My experiences have all been deeply profound in various ways, but they’ve all had some commonalities, and I’m very passionate about attending retreats AND leading them.


I know so many women that have never been on a retreat at all, and some that have. I have friends that hardly travel, and I have some that are big solo adventurists like me!


Wherever you’re at on the travel and retreat spectrum, there’s one thing that I find is common amongst all women, when it comes to considering a retreat. It’s unfamiliar and unknown! And that can feel a little scary, and exhilarating all at once.


The thought of being in a completely different place, with a bunch of women you’ve never met, can definitely leave you feeling a bit vulnerable, whether you’re scared or excited. And that’s exactly why you should do it!


So if you’re on the fence about attending a women’s retreat, or simply don’t think it’s your jam, I think you’d be surprised at the incredible experiences there are to be had.


All that said, here’s my 5 Reasons Why You Should Go on a Women’s Retreat:


1. Pushing Your Personal Boundaries

I touched on how vulnerable it is to be in community with a group of other women you don’t know. But this is so good! It’s in pushing our own personal boundaries, where the exponential growth lies. We grow from discomfort, and facing the unknown. We build strength and confidence in who we are, through challenges. Even being out of our routine can feel unsettling, and yet you’ll discover the freedom that comes along with it too.



2. Being in Sacred Sisterhood

How much time do you actually take to get together with your girlfriends on a regular basis? And even if you do, what’s the quality of that time together like? At a women’s retreat, you’re going deeper than surface level friendships. Everyone is getting vulnerable, opening up, and sharing parts of themselves they may never have shared before. My experience has always been that what happens at a retreat, stays at a retreat. So there’s safety in knowing you can show up in the most authentic way, without judgement or fear of being “seen.” Women gathering in community, consciously connecting with each other is the single most powerful experience you can have.



3. Focusing on Your Needs

As women, we spend so much of the time giving and helping others. And most women are completely burned out! How’s your regular self-care practice looking? Are you able to spend multiple days not worrying about anything or anyone else, by sitting at home, in your normal environment? I’d say probably not. That’s why it’s SO important to get away, out of your day-to-day routine of work, kids, relationships, pets…and into an environment that fosters your need for nourishment.



4. Embarking on the Deep Dive

What do I mean by deep dive? It’s taking the time to really slow down, so you can hear your own thoughts, and feel your own feelings. In the busy-ness of life, it’s easy to lose track of our own inner wisdom, and push feelings aside, in order to get more done. On a women’s retreat there’s nowhere to hide. You’re there to really deepen the connection you have with yourself, and your spirituality. You get to tap in and tune in, and feel your way through what your desires are. There’s usually a shedding of the old, healing, and immense expansion and growth. The more you strengthen the connection to yourself, the strong the connections you’ll have with others, and the world around you.



5. Awaken Your Adventurous, Free Spirit

There’s a part of you that knows you were born wild and free! And that part of you is waiting for you to claim her. By breaking free of your daily life, going on an epic adventure, completely out of your comfort zone…you are waking her up! You are saying yes to life, and by saying yes, life is going to say yes to you in return. You open yourself up to the magic of life, the infinite possibilities, and countless synchronicities. You’ll return a more confident, courageous and free expression of yourself, and will never view the world with the same eyes ever again.


I hope these reasons for attending a women’s retreat have been helpful and eye-opening. I’d love to hear what your favorite parts of attending a retreat are, or what resistance is coming up for you. These 5 reasons only begin to touch upon the power of transformational travel through attending a women’s retreat. You’ll have to say YES in order to discover all the magic for yourself!


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