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July 3, 2019

It’s one thing to be all about the self-love, and do ALL the things to love on ourselves, which most people refer to as self-care. I’m a big fan!Ā šŸ˜


However, it’s another thing all together to actually LIKE yourself.


It’s the same way we can have love in our hearts for someone else, but not actually like their words or actions.Ā 


So do you like yourself? Do you even know HOW to learn to like yourself?


For starters, pay attention to how you’re talking to yourself. Are you constantly focusing on what you don’t like, or are you celebrating your strengths and gifts?


On my journey to discovering how much I like myself, this meant spending a lot of time ALONE.


I spent time traveling alone, so I could really hone in on MY wants, and needs. When we travel by ourselves, we get to see what WE want to do in every moment, without any outside opinions.


It’s called INTUITION…and it becomes your saving grace.


The first time I experienced this was heaven on earth! I couldn’t believe how much time I’d spent catering to other people, or going with the flow of what others wanted, rather than doing what I actually wanted.


And then it took spending lots of time alone, AT HOME.


Are you able to sit in silence with yourself, or even be by yourself, for any length of time?


For most people, that’s a big NO!Ā šŸ˜³


Some of us are more social creatures than others. However, if you’re constantly needing to surround yourself with others, to feel comfortable, my guess is you’re not really comfortable with yourself, and who you are.


Aloneness isn’t easy for most people, but it’s the place you get to tap into for deeper levels of self-awareness.


It’s where you get to see the parts of yourself you might not like so much…OR you realize how much you DO like yourself!


For me, it’s been a realization of how awesome I am, even all my quirks.Ā šŸ¤©


So on the journey towards self-love & self-care, don’t forget to like yourself as well!


All the weird, quirky, magical, fabulous parts of yourself!!


What you’ll experience is your confidence skyrocketing in ALL areas of your life, and you’ll stop settling for things that don’t feel good for you.


And finally…you’ll never believe anyone likes you as much as they do, if YOU don’t like you.Ā šŸ‘Š

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