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July 2, 2019

Yesterday I went Live on Facebook, talking about how I turned my back on my spiritual path for years after leaving a spiritual cult I was in for 8 years.


The thing is I thought being spiritual had to look a certain way, and I was taught I essentially had to give up everything to attain enlightenment.


So I gave up all worldly possessions, lived in seclusion from the “outside” world, dressed only in white, relinquished my name, took on a Sanskrit one, and surrendered my life to a Teacher…from the ages of 18-26.


I had some pretty incredible exalted, ascended experiences, learned techniques for heightened awareness, and focused solely on consciousness, but ultimately didn’t exactly find what I was searching for, as the teachings got distorted by human egos.


When I gave up that lifestyle, I left with a bad taste in my mouth for spirituality…and so I turned my back on my path.


Essentially it was still my path. I just chose the hard way of going through nearly 10 years of what I called, the Dark Night of the Soul, after my departure from that community.


Many years of feeling completely lost, unfocused, and disconnected from the truth of who I am. I went the complete opposite direction.


It was when the pain became so unbearable, I was tired of living, and I wanted to give up, that I returned back to my spiritual practices.


Except this time I did it differently. I did it in a way that felt expansive and liberating for ME, instead of someone else telling me how enlightenment is “supposed” to look.


I discovered that the true test of awareness and consciousness, comes with waking up every single day, and staying committed to this path, even when existing in this physical world feels challenging.


And I’ve picked up new tools, other than basic meditation, that have propelled my growth further than ever before, by embracing ALL aspects of Self.


There’s no ONE, RIGHT way to journey along your path of awakening. It looks different for each and every one of us.


The thing is once you get a taste for just how magical YOU are, and experience the oneness of the Universe, and the lightness of your being…anything other than that can feel really contrasting.


So if your path is feeling particularly challenging, or directionless, let me know! I’d love to help guide you back to a place where awakening can be an adventure!


I currently have a 1:1 spots AND group coaching available in July, for those that are ready to really step into the next level of their spiritual evolution.

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