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June 26, 2019

On Wednesday mornings, I attend my friend Susan’s Qoya women’s circles, and this morning I pulled card number 38…Essence.


“Life is a school that we move and graduate through, learning many things as we cloak ourselves in environmental knowledge. You are on the warrior’s path toward enlightenment, and one day, you will peel away this accumulated knowledge like layers of an onion, moving back into the source of your power.”


This card has felt more perfect and powerful throughout the day, and especially so as I was chatting with one of my mentors about my upcoming birthday, and the significance around it.


That’s when I realized…card 38 for my 38th birthday!


Nearly 25 years on my spiritual path, and I’m overflowing with the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gathered throughout this lifetime.


And all of that knowledge really is just moving me back to my source of power, now at an accelerated pace, as to share MY magic, medicine and message with the world.


“The experience of life is the process of piecing together these scrambled fragments into one great mandala that reflects back the one source of all beings.”


This part reminds me of the process of spiritual awakening, and when you can look back on your life with nothing but gratitude for ALL of it, knowing it’s all brought you to this very point in time, exactly where you are meant to be.


There are no accidents, or victims. We chose our experiences before we even came into this life, and our job is to keep opening up more and more to this awakened adventure, back to wholeness.


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