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June 23, 2019

This summer solstice season has me feeling the winds of change blowing in…and I’m loving and embracing every minute of it!


June has brought about LOTS of quiet, deep reflection, release and rest. And our weather here in Indiana has mirrored that, with endless rain and chilly temps. It’s felt quite perfect in a way.


And then the solstice…the longest daylight hours of the year, brought the sunshine with it, and that’s exactly how it feels in my heart. 


Something big is happening and is on its way. And I don’t know what it is yet, but whatever it is, feels joyful and a breath of fresh air.



This summer solstice is about burning through what’s no longer serving the fire that’s burning inside of you, to create what you’re desiring in this world.


I was blessed with leading a Qoya Summer Solstice Celebration, where I feel we collectively opened this magical, healing portal, that I’m still feeling into, and embracing…which leads to our theme of the night…Embracing the Light.


We danced and shared with one another how it feels to embrace the light within ourselves, and others.


And what it’s also like to embrace the shadow aspect, and not want to, or be able to, return to the light.


We went deep into our shadows, and it was powerful to witness, as we all emerged and found our way back to the light, our true essence.


Nothing nourishes and feeds my soul more than in-person conscious connection, and tonight we will be in sisterhood, as we embrace the totality of who we are.


Whether you’re feeling the heaviness of the shadow within you today, or the lightness of your being…either way, you are perfect just the way you are.


And remember, your experience CAN shift at any given moment, when you surrender to what is. 

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