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June 19, 2019

Have you ever felt guilt or shame when someone gave you something?


It might’ve been offered to you with no strings attached, and yet you still couldn’t help, but feel anxious about it.


I’ve been there, and spent most of my life in that space. 


Always the perfectionist, the people-pleaser, and feeling like I had to do everything on my own, without help. Asking for help meant weakness.


There’s so many people out there with this belief!


And since I always put myself in a position where I had to ask for help, I would feel like the other person had one up on me, or I’d put them up on a pedestal, feeling less then.


It created a lonely inner world, filled with self-judgment, shame, and self-loathing for never living up to my insanely high expectations of myself.


We tend to get tripped up when we want to control how abundance looks, or where it’s coming from. And not just that, but we have to actually be open to receiving from others, and the Universe, because we aren’t meant to be in this world alone!


We are meant to be in collaboration, community, and support one another in whatever ways we can.



I had an experience recently where someone gave me money, seemingly out of nowhere, with complete LOVE, and no strings attached.


And for the first time in my life, I actually felt what it’s like to REALLY receive something, WITHOUT guilt or shame. Happy dance! I thought I’d been open to receiving before, but this experience reverberated throughout my entire body.


It didn’t even feel personal with this person. It literally felt like the Universe itself, giving to me.


And that’s exactly how it should feel, ANY time we receive anything. Guilt and shame aren’t required to be in the mix. You are worthy of receiving, simply by existing and being you.


Because when we’re giving, in all ways, we’re going to receive in all ways.


So I’ll say it again…YOU ARE WORTHY of receiving, and you don’t have to do this dance of life on your own!


You’re worthy of receiving the love you want, the desires in your heart, and more financial abundance than you can dream of, with the support of heart-centered connections.


There’s so much more fluidity when we surrender, release control and our attachments to how we think things “should” look.



The Universe is infinite, and there’s abundance all around us. The more you give, the more you receive!

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