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June 14, 2019

I just spent the past 4 weeks with my spirit tribe!!


Tonight was our bittersweet last call of the 4-week case study program, I rolled out last month.


These incredible ladies and myself met over Zoom once a week, and had individual calls as well, and a bomb ass FB support group that was SUPER active! 


It’s like we’ve been living together for the past month!! 😂 And I don’t want the party to end!! I’m filled with gratitude!


However, I am completely BLOWN AWAY by the transformations in these women, and how far they’ve come in such a short period of time.


They’ve now laid the foundations to live out their BEST lives!! They have so many tools, so much more confidence, and have ACTUAL plans for their next steps. And I couldn’t be more proud!! 🔥🔥🔥


It always feels like a risk, and kinda scary (or maybe a lot scary), when you choose to invest in yourself, but the payoff is greater than you can ever imagine!! ALWAYS.


And I KNOW these ladies don’t regret a thing!


You can make excuses (and trust me, I’ve heard some good ones 😅) and continue complaining about life, OR you can make a CHOICE, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. It’s all about priorities.


This 4-week Case Study Program is rolling out as an Official Program called IGNITE, starting in July.


If you’d like to IGNITE more Inspiration, Growth, Next Level, Impact, Transformation, and Empowerment in your life…THIS is the program for you!


Testimonials from this round are COMING SOON! And if this already sounds like a hell yes, then comment below IGNITE, and I’ll get you the info!

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