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May 28, 2019

You know what can be the biggest motivators?


The things our family says about us, and the shit our exes say about us!


However, I didn’t always feel this way. I used to let their hurtful words infiltrate my being, allowing their negativity to determine how I felt about myself.


Their words consumed MY thoughts, and MY energy.


I allowed them to have more control over who I was, then I was having over myself.


I somehow thought THEY got to determine what was best for me, what I was capable of, and whether my goals were realistic or not.


Even as I evolved, I let their opinions of who I used to be in the past, hold me back from FULLY stepping into who I was becoming.


Their words haunted me, and cut me down…and I couldn’t escape them.


I was exhausted…mentally, emotionally, and physically, from carrying the weight of other people’s opinions.


I allowed myself to be bullied, because it’s all I’d ever known. There was comfort in pain.


Until there wasn’t. Until the day it all changed.


I was standing on a street, in the most romantic city in Europe, trying desperately to prove my worth and value…to someone who was adamant on not valuing OR seeing me. It was hurtful, and dramatic, a scene straight out of a movie.


As I was talking, I felt myself leave my body, and I hovered above these two people, watching what they were doing, and I said to myself…”What are you doing?”


I was shocked at what I was witnessing myself do, and made a vow in that moment.


NEVER again will I EVER try and convince anyone that my presence is valuable, that I’m worthy of having everything in the world I desire, and that I deserve an EPIC love. Never will I dim my light again because I shine too bright for someone else’s darkness.


Upon having this epiphany, I floated back down into my body, tears streaming down my face, and I said “Thank you for everything, I love you.” And I walked away.


Everything changed that day. EVERYTHING.


I took my power back. I BECAME the person I’d been waiting for. I quieted the voices of my past, and told them I didn’t need them anymore.


I chose ME. I vowed to always choose me, even when it looks or feels selfish.


Exes and family know us in ways others don’t, and also know how to hurt us in ways other don’t.


But the moment YOU decide you’re worthy, valuable, and deserving, you will be.


And that moment can happen NOW.


You can step into the version of yourself that doesn’t take shit from anyone, and doesn’t listen to outside opinions, in this very moment.


And you can use your past as fuel to set your Soul on fire!!


To propel you forward, into the most amazing, abundant, beautiful version of yourself, you’ve ever been!


Keep shining on, you bright star!



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