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May 24, 2019

So I’ll be honest with you. Indiana fucking bores me. Everything about it bores me.


Yes…I’m happy, loving life, and feeling on top of the world, but I’m taking shit to the next level, because I’m bored.


Yes, I can tell you how you can be happy anywhere, because it’s an inside job…and it is! But for crying out loud, where are the dreamers in this town? The BIG fucking dreamers.


This Midwest mentality has never been my jam. And I KNOW there’s others here who feel the same way.


My intention by 2020 is to be based in Indy (for my daughter’s sake), but traveling every 6 weeks. I made this declaration to my coach recently, and I have many ways I’m going to do this.


I was not put here on this Earth this time, to continue to play small, get sucked into a vicious cycle of pussyfooting around my own healing, and buying into this Indiana mindset. Blah.


And I KNOW there’s at least a few others out there, who weren’t put here for this either.


So I’m calling in some women, to join me, who are ready to finally step it up! You are NOT stuck. You just aren’t dreaming big enough!!


And it’s boring!


However, YOU are NOT boring. You were born with the same drive, ambition, and DEEP desire to change the world…in EPIC proportions.


YOU are passionate, purpose-driven, and deeply in tune with a Divine Knowing that not everyone has. You ARE a special unicorn.


But you need help remembering that!! You need that kick in the ass that’s going to get you unstuck.


You NEED to surround yourself with other powerhouses, that aren’t spinning around in their small mindedness. Why do you feel like you have to stay there?!


Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks! When you’re off traveling the world, living your dreams, and making your desired income…you won’t give a shit what anyone thinks.


When you ARE making a difference, and serving from a place of love, and OWNING your gifts and magic, you’re going to look back and be so filled to the brim with gratitude, that you FINALLY got sick of your own shit.


You’ll remember that day. I promise you, you will. Because I remember that day for myself.


You’ll remember the day it ALL shifted, just like that. That moment you made a decision to become greater than you know how to be in that moment.


You’ll rise up so fast, you won’t know what fucking hit you.


These are the women that are joining me for the Creative Consciousness Collective.


We don’t have time to play games. We don’t have time to wonder when it’s going to happen for us. Because we ARE the ones making shit happen.


We’re the ones that are creating MASSIVE change by not holding ourselves back, or allowing others to either.


If you too are tired of the same old thing, and ready to EVOLVE in ways you’ve only dreamt about up until now, then STOP waiting.


Because there’s a tribe of women that are waiting for YOU! YOU are the missing link, and we need you.


Comment BORED below, and I’ll get in touch with you about what the greatest adventure of your life entails!

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