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May 23, 2019

I used complain about my romantic partners “not showing up” for me. And I hear this complaint from others about their partners, all the time!


They weren’t being who I wanted them to be, and I blamed and projected my shit onto them, instead of owning my part in it.


My part is to look at how I’m showing up! 


If I’m being triggered, it’s because there’s something going on inside of ME.


Everyone around us is a mirror, and our romantic relationships especially, mirror back to us all of our wounded parts, that we don’t always want to look at, and do the work to heal.


You may also have a partner who loves you, and wants to be there for you, but if you don’t love yourself, and aren’t willing to do the work it takes to get there, you’ll never truly feel the love from someone else.


They’ll always be inadequate, because YOU feel inadequate.


If you want a partner that’s confident and “emotionally available,” is YOUR energy radiating confidence and are YOU emotionally available?


We attract the energy into our lives, that we put out into the world, consciously or unconsciously.


Wouldn’t it feel a hell of a lot better if you could OWN your energy, and learn how to manifest what you REALLY want and deserve, rather than letting your unconscious mind run the show?

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