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May 14, 2019

Lately I’ve been chatting with quite a few women, that are just now coming out of their “spiritual” closets. They’ve been secretly loving crystals, essential oils, tarot cards, and are way into self-development. And yet, they’ve been shy about sharing this part of themselves with the world.


My spiritual journey started when I was about 14 (I’m now in my late 30’s). My mom used to take us to her angel guide sessions, tarot readings, all her spiritual churches, and new age shops. And I was deeply enamored with it all!


So being spiritual has always just kinda been who I am. I’ve always believed in the Universe being infinite, in ethereal realms, and magic.


But none of that sheltered me from an extremely abusive childhood, which led to my downward spiral of destruction, on every level.


When I was 18, in desperation to help me, my mother invited me to a meditation workshop, she had attended, and loved.


I attended the workshop, fell in love with the teachers, the lifestyle, and the teachings. And all I wanted to know, was how I could be like them!


6 months later, I found myself in North Carolina, at a private meditation retreat center. This started my “training”, and life for the next 8 years, I was with this community.


What started as an expansive experience, didn’t end that way.


The community relocated to British Columbia a year after I arrived, and to Canada I went!


Long story short, I had joined a cult. Yep, one of those crazy cults you hear about.


There were great deals of mind-fuckery, control, and hierarchy, that becomes so engrained, that after a while you don’t even question…even when your gut says “something’s not right here.” In the end, after all my basic human rights had been stripped from me, I found the courage to leave.


I recently told a version of this story on social media, which is the first time I’ve publicly come out of the closet about my being in a cult from 18-26 years old.


After I left, I blocked those 8 years from my mind, similarly to how we can block out childhood traumas. To me, I just wanted those years to not even exist.


I prettied it up over the years, calling it my “meditation community,” but it’s time for me to call it like it was. It was a cult.


At the Sacred Connection Retreat I led recently, in Arizona, I was relieved to find everyone there wanted to know all about these experiences, and felt honored to be able to share them in such a way, that I could share the good that came out of it as well.


It’s our darkest times, that we learn from. It’s by being disempowered, that we later learn how to empower ourselves fully. It’s through trust being broken, over and over, that we learn to deeply trust ourselves.


We learn to forgive ourselves, and others, with grace, and without SHAME.


We all have a story, a history, experiences we’ve gone through that have shaped who we are today.


So I have an invitation for you.


I’d like to share with you the importance of honoring your voice, and stories. And to be around other women, who are brave, courageous, and powerful. To come out of any closet you’ve been hiding in.


My next Transformational Travel Retreat, is called the Empowered Voice Retreat.


This retreat provides you with an opportunity to explore the ways that are most effective for YOU to access your inner wisdom and voice.


You’ll be given tools to call on the wild woman inside who expresses her truth, rather than represses it.


Truth isn’t always easy, comfortable, or convenient, but it’s always a relief.


Truth ALWAYS bring you back to wholeness.


This sisterhood circle, will be gathering July 25th-28th in the sacred lands of New Mexico. These lands are near and dear to my heart, and the place where my voice was heard, and empowered 2 years ago, during a retreat I attended there.


We all have a story. And we all CAN heal. ✨✨✨


Click here for more information! Spaces are limited, as I keep these retreats small and intimate!

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