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May 3, 2019
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Have you ever made a decision that felt so right in your heart, but also scared the hell out of you?


There’s my life story. Lol.


But seriously, the last 6 months have been a series of choices I’ve made, that haven’t always been easy, but have proven time and time again to be worth it.  


Choices that have been downright terrifying, and exhilarating all tied into one.


Decisions that have been in complete alignment, and heart centered, and yet I came up against resistance.


Because here’s the thing.


When you’re ready. Like REALLY ready, you’ll take that leap.


And as you start to fall, it’ll feel as if your arms are flailing in the air.


Your hands will reach out, grasping for anything they can that feels safe and comfortable.


But there’s nothing left to grasp.


The safe and comfortable is no longer who you are.


The you who took that leap is already someone completely different.


Because the moment you made that decision, the ground shifted beneath you.


And as you’re falling, you’ll realize this.


You’ll understand that the only thing you can do is surrender, to this present moment in time.


And as you surrender, you stop falling. You realize you were never falling.


You were just learning how to fly!


You reach back and remember you had wings all along.


So you spread your wings, and start to sail through life instead of feeling like you’re always going to fall, and land on your ass.


That’s not you anymore, because YOU made that really big decision, that altered the course of your life.


And in that moment, you’re FREE!


Can you imagine what that must feel like?


If you’re at a crossroads in life, searching for your life purpose, wanting to quit your job, build a new business, find your unique voice, start a project you’ve been putting off, because of two things…


One: you’re stuck spinning in circles, trying to figure it all out.

Two: you’re overthinking and paralyzed, not taking any action at all.


Either way, take a step back. And call me!


I’m offering FREE 20-minute Inspired Life & Biz Coaching Sessions and I’d LOVE to chat with you, and offer my intuitive guidance!

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