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December 7, 2018


This New Moon astrology comes from one of my favorite astrologers, Virginia Rosenberg.

“Today, our strength comes through surrender. This Moon invites us to cleanse, rest, and release.

Reserve your energies for passions and inspirations most true.

Allow yourself to grow into who you need to be to merge with your dreams.

There is a grand spiritual infusion happening now. Intuitive guidance is at a high. Invite it in.

Ask to be guided. Be clear in your requests and keen in your listenings. Take some time to access prophecy and in-sight.

We are sensitive at this time and extra porous. Protect your energies. Pull inward to retreat and restore.

Meditate. Dance with your dreams. Lose yourself into the music of life.

Assert your imaginations. Dream big and illustrate your inner visions. Harness great compassion. Act on behalf of those in need.

Some challenging emotions can arise on this Moon, and they may get blown out of proportion. They include confusion, anxiety, disappointment, grief, shame, guilt, and feelings of loss.

Take a break and tend to your sensitivities, but try not to escape. It can be tempting to slip into a state of avoidance on this Moon.

Ask for help from spirit, but don’t bypass necessary action. Lean into vulnerability – but try not to feed weaknesses. Practice direct honesty and clean boundaries.”

December for me is about intention setting. It’s about getting clear on my goals and dreams for the rest of this year and moving into 2019, and getting really specific around numbers and timelines. It’s a time of surrendering to being supported by the Universe, allowing and receiving all I desire, with courage and confidence. It’s also a time of pausing and taking action, rather than reaction. A time for sitting in the quiet, being still and listening for guidance.


This morning I spent some time building a New Moon crystal grid. Crystal grids are a super powerful energy tool used for manifesting your desires, goals and intentions. A crystal grid’s power comes from harnessing the energy from sacred crystal/stones, sacred geometry and intention. They’re made with the purpose of directing specific energy towards a goal.


The crystals I used for my Money and Confidence Booster Grid include Tiger’s Eye, Blue Goldstone, Unakite, Carnelian, Green Aventurine, and Citrine.

  • Tiger’s Eye is the shape shifter. It’s for abundance, good luck and helping with focus, and seeing things from a different perspective.
  • Blue Goldstone helps with achieving goals and dreams, as well as being open to a bright future full of courage and self-confidence.
  • Unakite is for super-charging your spirituality and quieting down the inner critic.
  • Carnelian boosts courage, confidence, and creativity, along with the power of true expression.
  • Green Aventurine is wonderful for luck, abundance, and confidence.
  • Citrine is the ultimate manifestor of abundance in financial and business ventures, as well as creativity.


As well as using these 6 stones, I put my special Gaia Goddess at the head of the grid/altar. To me she represents being pregnant with creativity, metaphorically birthing a new business and abundance mindset.


In the middle under my Citrine point are two things. The first is an Oracle Card I’ve had on my desk the past couple weeks, called Surrender to Success from the Power of Surrender Card Deck.


The card reads: “You are ready to experience abundance. Don’t look back at previous roadblocks or difficulties. Leap into an exciting new world of possibilities.” This card is perfect for me right now and for my grid!


The last thing I did was add in my business card on top of the Surrender card and under the Citrine. I just got my new business cards in this week and I felt strongly called to add it to the mix.


My grid was placed in my bedroom/office on top of an old cedar chest from my Grandmother, who passed away this year. It represents the feeling of being grounded and unconditionally supported. Crystal Grids can be placed anywhere you feel called!


Have you ever experimented with crystals and crystal grids for healing and manifestation? What ways are you celebrating with the New Moon today?


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