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December 6, 2018


Today marks the last day of Mercury retrograde and I’m feeling a sense of relief.


Mercury went retrograde on November 17th, and O.M.G., have I been feeling it BIG TIME.


Whether you’re familiar with this planetary alignment or not, here’s a little Mercury retrograde refresher:


Three to four times a year, Mercury’s orbit slows down, creating the illusion that it’s moving in reverse. And during this time, all things associated with Mercury go freakin’ haywire.


It’s recommended to not make any big decisions or major purchases during a time of Mercury Retrograde, and be prepared for miscommunications, delayed travel, and watch for electronics acting up.  


I’ve personally experienced major disruptions in communication within my relationships the past couple weeks, my phone and computer have been randomly shutting down, and even my car decided not to start one morning!  


Let’s throw my boyfriend’s birthday, a trip to Colorado, Thanksgiving, AND my daughter’s birthday in the mix too, just for added fun! SMH.


Here’s the good news…The Mercury retrograde season CAN be frustrating, but it’s NOT all bad, and I’ve gained much wisdom during this time as well.


The retrograde allows us to reassess, revisit, readdress, redo, and redesign our lives. It also allows us to stop, pause, and listen.


We can all benefit from slowing down and taking a closer look at situations with greater depth, which happens when Mercury retrogrades.


Here’s what’s been going on with me the past few weeks:


I’ve been presented with opportunities to revisit past family trauma and hurt, and can now say I’ve healed from it.


The Universe has asked me to reassess my money mindset and shift to an energy of limitless abundance, asking me to step up. And you better believe, I AM! 


I’m readdressing old ways of interacting and communicating with people, and how they no longer serve. Then taking conscious action to switch to healthier communication skills.


I’m redesigning my business in a way that feels super expansive and in the flow.


I’m learning to not react. Instead I’m taking a moment to pause and then act from there.


This has been a time of deep reflection and dancing with my shadow. There’s been deep grief, pain and sorrow, accompanied by lots of tears.


But it’s also been a time of relearning to use my voice, and of deep empowerment. And this has made it all worth it. 



Today Mercury goes direct, but that doesn’t mean we are in the clear! I personally am already feeling the veil being lifted, however it’s recommended to allow at least two days, minimum, after Mercury moves ahead to normal direct speed, before starting projects, making those big purchases or decisions.


We don’t have to let the planets rule us, but we CAN make more sense of our experiences by understanding how planetary alignments do in fact affect us. 


What about you? What did you notice coming up in your life during this Mercury retrograde season?

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