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November 17, 2018
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I have a confession…

I HATE pants. Like, with a passion.

You will rarely see me in anything other than leggings, unless I’m hiking in the desert in July.

And even though it drives my mother crazy, I refuse to apologize for this.

That’s just how I roll.

I like being comfortable, being able to move, and leggings pretty much go with everything.

However…in the winter, even fleece-lined leggings don’t always cut it, especially if you’re spending any time outdoors.

I don’t mind doubling up leggings, but that can feel and look bulky, so what’s a girl to do??

What’s the solution for my cold rear end in the dead of winter?

Smartwool skirts!!

I’ve been looking at these Smartwool skirts for the past couple years, and this year decided to bite the bullet.

I researched my best option and ended up with the Smartloft 120 Skirt in black.

Then, I was SO in love, that a week later, I ordered a fig (maroon-ish) colored one too! 

Lemme tell you how amazing I feel in these skirts. Seriously, my bum has never been happier.

They are super lightweight AND packable, water repellent AND wind repellent.

Score, score, score.



I love Smartwool clothing in general as you can wear them for days and the wool keeps them fresh and odor free. I hardly ever wear any other socks or base layers other than Smartwool.

And now I’ve added a couple great top layers too!

I basically get dressed as I normally would and then BOOM, I add the skirt, which is super easy to get off and on with the two-way zipper, and I’m ready to brace the frigid temps.

I even taught a Qoya last night in one, and had complete range of motion, even doing yoga!

So if you’re a leggings girl like me, I encourage you to try a Smartwool skirt!

I know it IS an investment, but I have no doubt you will LOVE them like me! 

I will add that you might have to go up a size. I’m typically an XS/S in tops and I buy Mediums in Smartwool tops. Bottoms I’m usually an XS and my Smartwool skirts are size Small. The skirts also sit really low on the waist, so keep these handy tips in mind when buying.

What’s your favorite winter weather clothing or accessories?

And if you get a Smartwool skirt, let me know!!

2 responses to “Smartwool Skirts – Staying Warm during Winter Travels

  1. Love the maroon! Maybe the skirt will make your mom happy that you have spiced up ‘the kelsey’ a little bit! Love the skirt!

    1. Isn’t the maroon super cute?! It’s nice to have some color in my wardrobe and that’s for sure the color of the season for me! I’m really having to hold back from getting the navy one too. They are just so darn awesome.

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