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November 14, 2018

Solo female travel is on the rise, and yet it still remains a bit of a mystery for most.

Have you noticed a craving you’re feeling deep in your bones for a different kind of travel experience? 

One that leaves you feeling alive and empowered.

I’ve been there.

And while solo travel isn’t the only way for me, it’s a passion of mine to encourage women to get out of their heads and follow the call.

My solo experiences have been deeply profound and life-changing times, and I’ve gained a whole lot of badass superpowers along the way!

Solo travel can seem daunting, but I promise you, it’s much more rewarding than it is scary.

If you’ve been having doubts about planning some time away on your own, I hope this list of amazing things you have to gain, will inspire you to take that leap of faith.

Whether you go on one solo trip or want to plan many in the months and years ahead, I’m here to support you along the way!  

1. Courage – You’ll become a courageous travel warrior, who steps out of her comfort zone, and isn’t afraid of the unknown.

2. Strength– Even when you don’t feel strong, you’ll find you bounce back from challenges much more quickly than ever before.

3. Freedom – There’s no holding back from being completely, authentically YOU when you travel solo! A wise woman once told me that what other people think about me is none of my business. It took me a while to grasp this concept, but lemme tell you the freedom I feel when I’m not concerned with outside opinions on what I’m doing, thinking or feeling. Relish in the freedom this gives you as well!

4. Powerful – If you can save up for a trip, research, plan it and put it into action, you will feel like you can do anything in the world. And guess what? You can!

5. Increased Intuition – This increases more and more over time. You start to really listen to that feeling in your gut that tells you when something is right and when it’s not. And you let that feeling be your guide.

6. Deep Self-discovery – You’ll gain more knowledge about yourself than you ever knew possible. You’ll discover your likes and dislikes, and maybe even suprise yourself. But the fact of the matter is that it’s all about you! 

7. Empathy – Being immersed in other cultures can leave you with a better appreciation for all our cultural differences in the world. You gain a greater ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Even though the experiences might be different, we can relate on a deeper emotional level.

8. Bravery – You are ready to face the challenges ahead of you with strength and grace.

9. Problem Solving – You become an expert problem solver. Challenges will arise and you have to gain the confidence in yourself to figure it all out on your own. And you will!  

10. Ability to be present – You’ll find yourself in many situations where you see or experience something so incredible, that you naturally want to share it with someone else immediately. But over time, you develop the ability to sit with yourself and dive deeper into the experience of being completely present in the moment. And you’ll see that some of the most amazing moments are better experienced alone.

11. Patience – Your capacity to accept delays and disruptions increases. We always have a choice to go with the flow when we hit a roadblock, or let it get us flustered. You’ll find yourself a more patient person overall.

12. Connection – When you’re alone, there’s more opportunity to meet and connect with locals or other travelers. Sometimes these connections can last a lifetime!

13. Confidence – You’ll gain a certainty within yourself after you’ve conquered some major mountains. Once you’ve accomplished your goals on your own, you’re less likely to doubt yourself the next time. You go from needing external validation, to internal.

14. Increased awareness – Developing a heightened state of awareness happens naturally without others distracting you. You start to notice all the little things, that are usually the most magical.

15. Discernment – You’re able to make quality decisions without judgment.

16. Positivity – The world is an amazing place! Instead of focusing on the negative side of life, you feel yourself creating a more positive outlook, because life is so darn incredible!

17. Inspiration – Just thinking about travel inspires me. When you’re relaxed and in the flow of your travels, you will be inspired by people, places, and experiences.

18. Creativity – Inspiration leads to creativity. When we’re inspired by our surroundings, we’re more likely to create works of art, write, and express ourselves creatively.

19. Wisdom – There is an innate wisdom in all of us women. We just have to access it. By traveling alone, honing in on your intuition, and letting your body guide you, you are allowing this wisdom to flow through you. By experiencing other places, cultures, languages and people, you become The Wise Woman.

20. Wildness – You don’t restrain yourself from being exactly who you are. You let go of control and unleash the authentic wild woman in each of us.

21. Trust – You learn to trust yourself more, allowing wisdom to bubble up inside of you. You’ve gotten this far. Trust that you’re okay. Trust that you can do it.

22. Respect for your body – Your body is your guide. When it wants to rest, rest. When the body wants to move, move it in whatever way feels good for you. Spending time alone allows you to really get in touch with your physical needs. Allow that relationship to flourish.

23. Ritual – Pay attention to the rituals you have in your life and travels. When you’re alone, there’s more space to take time for daily devotion in whatever way that means for you. Morning yoga, prayer, meditation, sipping warm tea. Notice how your soul wants to be nourished and take time to honor that. 

24. Pleasure – When you’re alone, your capacity for pleasure actually increases. We expand our capacity to enjoy being in a feminine body, through a heightened state of awareness. Being a woman is pretty darn special.

25. Playfulness – When I’m relaxed, I’m much happier and more playful. And when it comes down to it, the journey of travel can be played as a game. Allow yourself to access that inner child and have uninhibited fun!

26. Communication skills – You’ll find your voice and learn how to use it, a lot.

27. Openness – Stay open to whatever comes your way. Plans may change, which direct you somewhere else and you find you have an even better time than you’d planned. Being open allows for an ease of experience.

28. Uniqueness – When you’re traveling alone in the big world, you start to see just how unique you are, and how unique everyone is! How we all have a part to play and special gifts only we have to offer the world. Let your light shine.

29. Relaxation – By slowing down, we learn to relax into receiving, rather than striving to achieve. We learn that we don’t have to buy into the go, go, go culture that encourages us that doing more, faster, is always the goal. We learn to rest, listen to our bodies, quiet our minds and enter a place of deep relaxation we may never have tapped into before.

30. Celebration – When was the last time you celebrated your achievements in life? Let the experience of solo travel be one of celebration for you. This is YOUR time! Do what makes YOU happy, always.

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What Superpowers have you gained from Solo Female Travel? What characteristics appeal to you? 

3 responses to “30 Superpowers of a Solo Female Traveler

  1. This is an awesome list. I love it. I know exactly what you mean by finding yourself and learning to rely on yourself. Knowing that you can do it! While I love traveling with the love of my life and sharing experiences with him, I have absolutely cherished the traveling I have done alone. Navigating myself across Mexico, through 5-6 hours on bus rides, relying on my own knowledge and practice of Spanish to get me where I wanted to go was so exhilarating and confidence boosting. Keep up the good work in encouraging solo travel and self-growth.

  2. Thanks Lara! I too enjoy traveling with my family at times, but for me it’s a very different experience. I encourage anyone to travel alone at least once! It’s really an experience to be had 🙂

  3. Funny thing – now that I’m older and wiser, I can appreciate ‘going it alone’. While I have not ventured on any solo trips, the time and adventures (I call them fieldtrips) that I’ve gone on, locally, have been fantastic! Me, myself and I make a great team with aimless walks, off the cuff daydreaming, live in the moment pleasures, past time reminiscing and future expeditions of the unknown – all make for a wonderful spiritual experience! BUT, The Solo Traveler is very intriguing! I imagine that Life (as I know it) has only just begun! I don’t Facebook, but please add me to your mailing list! I’m so proud of you! Thank you for reminding me to Live with Passion!!

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