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November 2, 2018

Last year, for my 37th birthday, I went out West for about ten days on my own. I treated myself to a white water rafting adventure in Colorado, and a hot air balloon ride, a week later in New Mexico, following a Qoya retreat.


You could say I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie! I’m always up for an adventure and white water rafting in June, in Colorado, sounded freaking amazing!!


The closest place to where I was staying was in Fort Collins, along the Poudre River. Oh my, what cute little college town that is. More on Fort Collins in another post!


Just outside of town there’s a string of white water rafting companies. Before arriving, I’d made reservations with Mountain Whitewater so I’d be guaranteed to go that day.


My experience with them was incredible and I’d go back in a heartbeat. From start to finish, everything ran smoothly and was well organized. The guides really knew their stuff and I always felt safe, even when I fell off the raft and had to be rescued! That was the BEST part even!


I ended up being the only female on my raft, so I was positioned in the back with the guide since I was the lightest. We hit a rock at one point and even though I had my footing secured the way the teach you, I flew right off. When I was pulled back in, I was grinning from ear to ear! The harder the rapids, the more excited I got. I didn’t want the fun to stop!


Looking back, I’m so grateful that they took photos the ENTIRE time, that you could then purchase at the end. If you’ve never been white water rafting, I hope these photos inspire you to give it a try!


Look for me at the back of the raft with a pink hat on under the yellow helmet 😉


Where are your favorite white water rafting locations? Leave me your suggestions in the comments below!


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